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Soccer Chance Academy offers a wide range of thematic camp programs throughout the year. Camps will feature guest sessions from former players, European academy coaches, social media influencers, and injury prevention experts as we aim to challenge players across all four corners of the game.

Street Soccer has played a major role in the lives of SCA coaches/founders and will be a prevalent theme throughout our camps. Comparable to the street format, camps are designed to replicate the unstructured environment that our founders were exposed to on a daily basis as kids in the UK. This will be recreated by integrating different age groups/genders, exposing players to tight areas and different sized balls, playing on various surfaces, and discovering skills/techniques. Through free play, our camps provide the opportunity for players to step into leadership roles and develop their own of method of game management. We also place a high priority on fun and social interaction in a secure and caring environment.


July 22nd-25th

9 AM – 12 PM

Cost: $295


Alex has over ten years experience in player development at numerous age groups, across both genders, and at a variety of ability levels. His current qualifications include the FA UEFA B Licence and FA Youth Award. He also has a BS in Sports & Exercise Science.

Alex shares a similar holistic approach to youth player development with the SCA Senior Staff. He has been able to coach closely with SCA Technical Director Joe Smith, during their employment in London, England in 2019.

Alex is currently employed by Premier League Club Tottenham Hotspurs where he coaches the clubs U10ā€™s age group. He is also the Foundation Phase coach regularly working with the U7-U11 age group. This is a position that he holds in high regard as he is able to work with some of the most exceptionally talented kids within London. Alex considers it an honor to be involved in the elite side of the game and has this to say about coaching at one of SCA Portland’s summer camps in 2019:

ā€œI am privileged and flattered to have been approached by SCA, to coach at the launch of their new, exciting soccer club in Portland. During our summer camp, I will be focusing sessions on a variety of different aspects. All sessions will include ball mastery & ball comfort, both on the ground and in the air which helps groove players technical qualities. Additionally, all sessions will have an element of 1v1 work, a fundamental basis of a young players development. Sessions will progress & build towards small sided games (2v2, 3v3) where players will be exposed to tight space scenarios and quick decision making in opposed situations. ā€‹Iā€‹ am excited to be able to work once again with some of the exciting young players that the USA has to offer in a sport that continues to grow within the country”.

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June 24th-27th

9 AM – 12 PM

Cost: $295


DG3 Soccer Chance Academy Soccer Camp

Danny Gildea is a technical skill specialist that focuses on providing high level camps, small group and individual training to help maximize individual development.

Online he has a large following that gives players ideas, inspiration and motivation to own their development by doing extra training away from regular team session.

DG3 Soccer has experience working with International players, professional players (MLS & NWSL), D1 college athletes and some of the best youth players in the country.

The camp is aimed at Premier Level Players U11-U18.

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dg3 - danny gildea

Photo of Danny working with AC Milan First Team players